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iMAR 1104 - Imar - Lebanon

Ciello Residence - Byblos - Lebanon

Usek University Extension - Lebanon

Tartej 157 - Byblos - Lebanon

Akiki Motel - Keserwan - Lebanon

Burj-Hamoud Handcraft Center

Shayle Sport Center - Lebanon

Beirut Martyrs square Mall - Lebanon

Bouar Municipality Proposal - Lebanon

Koura HLM - Koura - Lebanon

Villas - Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

Hotel Room Design - Italy

Jounieh Community Center - Lebanon

Bickfaya's Public Garden

In collaboration with The Municipality of Bikfaya – Mhaydseh – Metn – Lebanon and the landscape Architect : Nayla Al Akl, arch-urb was appointed to do the virtual visualization of the new public garden proposal.

Bachoura Urban Reform

The overall objective is to provide each town an urban management tool that meets the needs of its inhabitants and its users, in compliance with development balances, and improving the environment and the quality of life of the population.

Jounieh Old Town - GIS - Lebanon

Collecting all data and exporting them to GIS (geographical information system) in order to get clear layouts that help us to identify and analyse the area of study.

Jdeideh Public Park - Lebanon

Proposal redesign project for a public park located in the heart of an urban area next to Sagesse School.  

Bouar Maritime Road

Maritime road design project for a current depute in the Lebanese Parliament. the road contains two ways lane for vehicles, a lane for bicycles and 2 lanes for pedestrians 

Madinat Cheikh Zayed - Qatar

arch-urb provided Spectrum engineering consultants with the Geographical Information System (GIS) services.

Our job was to manipulate, upload and download all database related to their needs.